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Sleeplessness! It must be August August 9, 2008

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What is it about those weeks leading up to school? You should be soaking up the last rays, trying to complete something on your to-do list, or finish reading the last chapter of a thick, non-child (I was afraid adult book could be misaken for something else) book, but NO……..Insomnia, “schoolmares”, waking at ungodly hours in the morning. What does it mean? It must be August with school coming in the next week or two, or three.

Some nights it is the dream where students start arriving raring to go, and the room is still a mess as I clean and sort. Other nights it the to-do list for school that wakes me up. The first day of school is so different than other first days. You only have one chance to do the first day right and if you don’t…you might be doomed to bad habits that will drive you bonkers by Thanksgiving. 

I know I am not alone in my sleeplessness. My teacher friends and I compare notes, “You woke up at 2:15? Ugh! At least I made it until 4:45!” “I tried a notepad next to the bed, but that hasn’t helped much.” “I try to stay up really late so I am so tired I fall asleep, but I am still waking up in the middle of the night. As soon as my eyes open, my brain turns on and won’t let me fall back to sleep!”

Any tricks you have learned over the years to fight off the back-to-school sleeplessness would be greatly appreciated!