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First Staff Development Coming Up-Topic: Writing August 31, 2008

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The first time I have to lead a whole staff in a professional development meeting is coming up Wednesday. I keep rereading chapter 3 “My Life in Seven Stoies” in Becoming a Literacy Leader: Supporting Learning and Change by Jennifer Allen. I hope I can learn from her trials and start the year with at least some staff support/enthusiasm and not have to personally experience her first year of staff meetings all over again in a different school, city and state! I have other professional books that I keep going back to, snacks and drinks prepared, a few new picture books to give away as incentives, and just like Jennifer Allen, new writing journals and pens. One of my friends, who used to teach with me before life with children happened, was kind enough to listen to my overview and provide feedback. Based on her suggestions, I am putting together a week of writing overview/lessons for each grade level so they can leave with something they could use in their own classrooms the next day if they wanted.

If things go well, we will follow a format of twice a month whole group meetings during Early Release days (one time a month for an hour) and Staff Meetings (one time a month for 40 minutes).

I’ll add my overviews/lessons later this week.