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Teachers are the best scavengers (in a good way!) September 4, 2008

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I think most of my really successful ideas/lessons are hybrids of lessons/ideas that other people have used both successfully and unsuccessfully. That does make me a scavenger. When is scavenging not“reinventing the wheel” but walking the fine line of plagiarism? Can an idea be copyrighted? As I tried to ask my sleeping husband, he mumbled, “no”, but… If I (or anyone) read your lesson and it gives me an idea to use it or to tweak into my own personalized version, what about that? Most teachers that I work with like to share ideas, lessons, and we learn from each other in that way, but…? Obviously I like to share, or why blog? I will try to always mention what resource or person a lesson or idea came from if I have that information. How does that sound for a disclaimer?


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