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Teacher Swap answers September 7, 2008

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I signed up to do Fall Teacher Swap over at The Reading Zone !

I think this a very fun idea and have enjoyed getting to know Megan the person with whom I was paired up. Strangely enough we have several things in common besides liking books and blogs. We both teach in the town we grew up in and are both in Ohio.

Here are my answers to her:

1. Do you have any hobbies? I love to read (never enough time for that), run with my friend Susan-we run at 5:30 in the morning at what I call a penguin pace-we can guareantee that our husbands will be home, and knit (I learned how a couple years ago and enjoy it in the evenings because it keeps my mind and hands busy plus you can’t snack and knit at the same time!)

2. Do you enjoy crafting? If so anything in particular? Besides knitting, I do love scrapbooking but have not done much of it in the past two years –hmm maybe the knitting bumped it out ?) I still cross stitch some, but not very regularly.

3. 5 favorite things you can’t live without. I can’t live without my calendar ( I use a momAgenda), I agree with you about hair products (I always hated recess duty because of what it did to my hair!), my computer, new books and good friends (they keep me sane).

4. Do you collect anything? I guess I’d say books (children and professional)

5. Do you have any Children or pets? I have both-a 6 year old first grade son, a 9 year old fourth grade daughter, and 3 dogs (12, 10, and 9 months). We got the newest dog in June from the humane society when I didn’t know I was going to be changing jobs. I wanted another baby without having to be pregnant or paying for childcare-hence the third dog who is little and loves to follow me around (and doesn’t talk back!)

6. Favorite things to do during “back to school” season. Check off back to school supply buying for my children, find new favorite read-alouds, go to my favorite children’s bookstore with a teacher friend to “update” our classroom library.

7. What makes you think of school? Seeing children-it’s hard to turn off being a teacher

8. Favorite treats? coffee, Hot Tamales (I’m addicted!) and all things chocolate

9. Favorite color combo. brown and blue together-anything blue is my favorite color

10. Any allergies? No thanks goodness

*More interesting information about me: I am married. Live in Granville, OH. I went to college at the Miami University (elementary education and psychology) and got my master’s at The Ohio State University (Children’s Lit). I teach in the town I grew up in Granville, OH. (strange coincidence) I have taught fourth grade everything (except math the last two years-I traded with a partner for math/science) for 15 years. I started in the same elementary school that I attened and my first classroom happened to have been my kindergareten classroom. As Granville grew the building was added onto and 4th/5th were moved to that wing. It grew some more and they built a 4-6 intermediate building where I have been housed for 6 years. My daughter was very angry with me for leaving fourth grade the year she came to it, but it has been great being able to be in the same building as her and see/observe her from a distance. 

I also love being able to see what is going on in all the buildings. It is fascinating to me to see other people’s classrooms.

When I have my Teacher Swap package ready I will post it 🙂


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