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More crazy mom stories September 10, 2008

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Ok here you go!  We have just started to allow P to walk home from the corner (at the end of our cul de sac) alone after school (well he’s not that alone 4 other children are walking this way and his mother is standing in the driveway.)
M: Peter, let’s review what you should do if someone you don’t know comes up to you in their car when you are walking home.
P: Run away?
M: Yes, even if they offer you candy or tell you that their dog is lost?
P: Run away and tell you?
M: Yes, please name some adults that it would be safe to get in the car with…
P: Miss Beth, Mrs. L, S and his mom…
M: Yes, great!
P: If there was an ASSASSIN, I would definitely run away!
M: An assassin?
P: Yes, are there assassins in G-ville?
M: No, absolutely not!!!!
P: Could you name places in the world where there are assassins?
M: No, they are just made up….eat your breakfast!