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Helping children or friends with grief September 11, 2008

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Griefwatch has a website that goes along with the book Tear Soup. It is definitely worth checking out. A video for Tear Soup was also just released.


Recipe for Tear Soup

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Tear Soup, a recipe for healing after loss.

By Pat Schwiebert & Chuck DeKlyen  Illustrated by Taylor Bills 
Copyright Grief Watch 2006

Helpful ingredients to consider

* a pot full of tears
* one heart willing to be broken open
* a dash of bitters
* a bunch of good friends
* many handfuls of comfort food
* a lot of patience
* buckets of water to replace the tears
* plenty of exercise
* a variety of helpful reading material
* enough self care
* season with memories
* optional; one good therapist and/or support group


Choose the size pot that fits your loss. It’s ok to increase the pot size if you miscalculated. Combine ingredients. Set temperature for a moderate heat. Cooking times will vary depending on the ingredients needed. Strong flavors mellow over time. Stir often. Cook no longer than you need to.


* be creative
* trust your instincts
* cry when you want to, laugh when you can
* freeze some to use as a starter for next time
* write your own soup making in a journal so you won’t forget

Serves One


FROM TEAR SOUP, a recipe for healing after loss.  Available Through Grief Watch

By Pat Schwiebert & Chuck DeKlyen  Illustrated by Taylor Bills

Copyright Grief Watch 2006


Hospice of Central Ohio and Tear Soup

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I’ve always associated Hospice with death and nurses that help people and families with death. I didn’t know they did much more than provide medical care for people in their homes. This week I had the opportunity to learn they do so much more. I wish I’d known earlier what wonderful things they do to support the community within which they work. Two wonderful ladies from Hospice of Central Ohio came out today to meet with staff members who wanted to get together to talk about how to best support our friend and colleague while her child is so gravely ill. They brought books, resources, and wonderful listening ears. They shared a little about their programs and services. Just having their reassuring presence in the building helped people feel a little bit better about not saying the wrong to our friend. Hopsice leads support groups, one on one counseling, community outreach programs, children programming. I wish I had known about them my first year of teaching when I had a child whose terminally ill father died and then had an uncle die in a car accident a few weeks later. I had never felt so inadequate to help. I think if I’d had their resources, workshops, and support, I would have been a much better teacher. They recommended a beautiful book called Tear Soup 

 by Pat Schweibert. Not even Ebenezer will be able to get through this book with a dry  eye. It talks about sorrow and grief from the smallest up through “more than you can  bear” and also explores how people all express sorrow differently. This would be a good book for families with or without children and also a good book for those who try to support the people doing the grieving. I need to get a copy to be able to read more slowly and thoughtfully and also to share with my own children.


School Year Goals

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This summer A Year of Reading proposed a Summer Goals Meme. My goals were pretty simple and were as follows:

My Goals for the 2008 Summer:
1. Read more books!
2. Try to relax more at the pool with my children.
3. Be patient with my children. 
4. Take a trip to Lake Michigan.
5. Don’t set goals that are too ambitious-only to lead to frustration when I can’t accomplish them 
Now as the fourth week of school starts, I look back on my goals and realize that I did accomplish 1 and 4 and tried to be patient so I think I’ll count effort on that one. As for the pool and relaxing-I did a little of that in June when school first let out, but then life got in the way and I: accepted a new job that I didn’t even know existed as a possibility for me, got a third dog, investigated getting another master’s degree, tried to be supportive as my husband expands his business (meaning even more hours at work), and started a blog. 
Not bad, but not what I set out to do. So here are my new goals for the school year 2008-2009:
1. Read more books.
2. Review more books.
3. Be patient with my children and parents
4. Help the teachers in my district and therefore the students 
5. Try to balance time at work with time with family
6. Start exercising regularly again.
7. Be grateful for the little things in life.