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Laughter is the best sanity saver September 25, 2008

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P: Mom do you have a plain earring?

M: What?

P: A plain earring?

M: No, why?

P: I want to wear an earring to school today

M: WHAT?! Why? 

P: I want to wear an earring to school today so I look like a home-y

M: WHAT?! What is a home-y? And anyway 6 year old boys don’t wear earrings!

P: Um

M: You can tell me I won’t get mad

P: Just a home-y

M: Are there other home-ys in your class at school?

P: No, not really 

M: Ok, you can be a home-y for Halloween but not a regular day at school – and where did you hear about home-ys?

P: I just figured it out…

M: Well, it is time to get on the bus

P: I know a 6 year old girl that wears earrings to school

M: That’s different, enough now!