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Storytubes Contest October 9, 2008

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My friend Robin sent me a link to this contest for kids that I was not familiar with. It is called Storytubes and it is a contest open to students first through sixth grade. Students enter by creating an online video for YouTube that reviews a book.  Each student is limited to two entries, two minutes in length. Winners get to donate $1000 of books to the library of their choice in addition to the $500 in books they receive. There are four categories:  Hair-Raising Tales, From or For the Heart, Of Heroes and Heroines, and Facts, Fads, and Phenoms.

 I took a look at last year’s winners and I can see a great potential to incorporate technology to excite children about reading.

Check out the site!


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  1. […] There will be a 2009 Storytubes National Contest, probably next spring. The contest rules have not been finalized, but organizers add "there will be similarities." Here are the details of last year’s contest. Students first through sixth grade compete for a prize of $500 in books for themselves and $1000 in books for their school library. Students create an online Video book review in up t to two four categories: Hair-raising Tales; From or For the Heart; Heroes and Heroines; and Facts, Fads, and Phenoms. We read about the contest at the Best Books I Have Not Read blog. […]

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