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the dead & the gone: a “sequel” to Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It October 20, 2008

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the dead & the gone is a great read! I put sequel in quotation marks, because it is not necessary to have read Life As We Knew It first. You could read each book independently or in either order. I found dead & the gone to be very gripping and liked the pace of the book. The book is set in New York City and the main character is a teenage boy by the name of Alex. Alex’s mother is at work and his father has returned to Puerto Rico for a funeral when the moon is pushed out of orbit by an asteroid.  Suddenly he is in charge of two younger sisters and having to worry about where they will get their next meal. The lengths he must go to keep his remaining family safe are great.

I do feel Life As We Knew It Was a slightly stronger book overall, but the dead & the gone is definitely worth reading and sharing with YA students.


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