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First Grade Authors November 7, 2008

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I had the privilege of accompanying a group of first-grade teachers to visit another another elementary school’s Writing Workshop. Below I’ve pasted the information I got from my friend, and literacy guru, Carol, about what to expect during the visit. Carol is a retired educator from the district we went to visit.

The teachers are all experienced teachers and have worked as a team for seveal years. Their writing workshop is based on the work of Lucy Calkins and influenced by the work done at the Manhattan New School in New York City which the three teachers visited a couple of years ago.

Each writing session begins with a mini-lesson, which is followed by a student writing time, and then concludes with sharing/author’s chair. The teachers have been going through student writing folders at this time to decide what to teach and reteach before progress reports go home next week. The lessons you see on Thursday will probably come from this review of folders. Lessons the teachers and students have worked on this year include: “special moments”/personal narrative writing; content components (main idea, details and descriptive words); making sure each student’s writing has clear meaning; and the idea of ‘how do I know this piece is done’ or ‘when I am done, I have really just begun’.
They have also focued on spelling high frequency words correctly, capitals, and punctuation.

We will divide you into groups of two and you will rotate through each of the three classrooms. At the conclusion of the writing workshop time, the students have recess and the teachers will have time to talk with you and answer any questions. They are also happy to share their email addresses so you could contact them if you have further questions.

If you have time, we could stop for a quick lunch and talk about what you saw in the classrooms, any questions you have, and what ideas you might take back and try in your own setting.


Lemony Snicket photos

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Lemony Snicket autographing

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Needless to say, my daughter found Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler) very funny! He was at Cover to Cover for a book signing, while on tour promoting his newest book The Lump of Coal.  Initially I was a little disappointed that he was not going to do a short presentation, but he certainly made up for it by keeping up an almost non-stop banter with the children in line.  He started by apologizing that the author Lemony Snicket did not make it to the store and was “in character” of Lemony Snicket for the entire time. He not only made funny comments to the children that had them all giggling, but he also had several asides that the parents found very amusing. “Canada and the United States are very similar, but United States does not care about sick people”, etc.  He attempted to get children to select anything besides his books-ranging from post-it notes to the Sesame Street Elmo Dictionary.  

My children, a book-loving friend and her son, and I all had a very enjoyable Lemony Snicket encounter!


Lemony Snicket vile video

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Might be a great way to get kids excited to read the Series of Unfortunate Events