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Series for inbetween (tween) female readers November 10, 2008

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Here are a couple of newer books that have come out that are great for that transitional girl reader. (Transitional can mean many things-here I am talking about the move from being “primary” to “intermediate”)  She has grown out of Magic Tree House, wants a thicker chapter book and maybe still needs to have the support of some pictures. My daughter fell into this category. Starting in first grade, it was difficult for her to be able to identify what was a “Just-right” book for herself. She would inevitably pick a book that was too hard! It might even be a great book-just not for her! She would start, but very soon get frustrated and abandon the book, and then pick another one-also too hard!

This went on until just recently and she would not listen to  any book recommendations I would give her, much less reason! It drove her crazy that we would be at the public library and a student or parent would come up to me and ask for help finding a book. It would drive her even crazier that I would stop and do it.

I can’t help myself-I am a book-pusher! If I can match a kid with THE book that will help them fall in love with reading, I am going to do it-no matter the time or place (within reason of course). 

On the other hand, it drove me crazy that I could help kids all week find books they would love and my daughter would treat my suggestions like something the dog did in the yard. I would occasionally have luck getting her to listen to a book on CD as a way of introducing new authors or characters, but even that was iffy sometimes.  She wanted to prove she could read and in her mind that meant thick chapter books-Harry Potter size books, not skinny book like Poppleton, Henry and Mudge, or Mercy Watson?

How about Ramona?   “Nope”

How about the nice Scholastic fairy series? “Not interested”

How about Magic Tree House? “MOM!”

How about…You fill in the blank, I suggested it. Somehow we have moved past that stage (thank goodness!) and Maggie’s teacher this year is surprised to find she was so reluctant in the past. The other day I caught her walking the hallway from one class to the other reading a book while walking. She didn’t even notice me standing by her classroom door. I wanted to do a jig seeing her so engrossed in reading her book, but I just smiled to myself, and moved on. Oh Happy Day! 






4 Responses to “Series for inbetween (tween) female readers”

  1. Tricia Says:

    What about Judy Moody? I also think the Clementine books are well done.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I’m happy to know you’re here and will definitely be back.

  2. I loved Ottoline and the yellow cat!!!

  3. Ms. Yingling Says:

    The cobbler’s children have no shoes.My own daughter (5th) grade, thinks there are no good books. Well, except… She’s moved into problems novels, which is a little weird. There’s a lot of attention paid to reluctant boy readers, but there are hard-to-please girls out there, too! Good luck!

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