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nearcircle November 12, 2008

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The motto of nearcirlce is it’s better to blog together. I haven’t quite figured out all their features, but I did find that they have a KidLit circle, as well as many others. If you are a blogger or just like to read blogs, check the site out. 


Brava Strega Nona! A Heartwarming Pop-Up Book

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 brava-strega-nona2Brava Strega Nona! is a beautiful book! I swear I wrote this book review already, but I’ve been down with a bug, so I must have dreamed it. I agree completely with Esme from Planet Esme-just seeing the book open to it’s first spread made me want to buy one for everyone I know! I saw the book and

1-it was love at first sight

2- I immediately had to have it,

3-I started thinking of all the people I thought needed to own the book as well (holiday gifts anyone?),

4-I starting trying to figure out if it was better to buy it now, or wait until NCTE in Texas and try to get his autograph. 

I do have a weakness for both Tomie DePaola and Robert Sabuda, so buying the book on the spot was a no-brainer.  It was almost like one of those cheesy commercials. I spotted the book across the crowded bookstore when I arrived for the Lemony Snicket autographing. It was open to the family tree spread, and as if by a irresistible pull of attraction-I made my way through the crowd over to the beautiful display. 

There is a pop-up spread for Family, Eat, Friends, Patience, Celebration and Love. Each two page spread has the Italian and English word along with a little Strega Nona nugget of wisdom and some pages even have pop-ups within the pop-ups.  With Thanksgiving coming, alot of classrooms will be talking about family histories. My son’s teacher sent home a neat project about ancestors based on Molly’s Pilgrim. As I thumbed through Strega Nona, I thought how I should offer to loan it to her to share with the class during those talks of family, or offer to come in and read it to them.  This amazing book must be shared with children and book lovers alike!

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