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Subjects Matter Book Walk November 14, 2008

Our middle school staff is beginning a book study of Subjects Matter by Daniels and Zemelman. I created this powerpoint to walk them through some of the highlights of the book. Feel free to use it would be helpful to you.

Subjects Matter Book Walk

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I’m Buying Books for the Holidays!

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What a great idea! I first saw this at the Reading Zone, but then started it popping up other places.  



Take a Look! at Lookybook

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Lookybook has a free e-newsletter called Take a Look! that comes weekly.  This week’s had some great autumn picture books, as well as some newer books.
One great use for this website if you have a projector in your classroom would be to be able to project the pictures from the book to a larger group as you read a book aloud. You could even set up the projector with the book as a station/center for small group use. I think kids would think it was fabulous. I still get a kick out of clicking the book pages back and forth. I can’t think of any reason why the school filter would not allow the website, but I will have to play around with it at school this week. Another great use would be to use the computer(s) in your classroom for students to either use as a station, or to enhance your classroom library.

Here is one of the books featured in this week’s newsletter.


SSCO Children’s Literature Review

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Somehow I have not heard of this event before this year, but the School Study Council of Ohio (SSCO) offers an opportunity to go and review, and then keep, new books. This year they had almost all picture books and over the hour and fifteen minutes I was there, I reviewed fifteen books (using the form they provided-it had everything from quality of illustrations, to how would you use it in a classroom or library). It starts almost like the news footage of the Bridal Dress sale at Filene’s Basement, where teachers (or librarians) arrive early and browse to get the best seat for prime book snatching!

I was happy my district allowed me to take two teachers with me and we were all newbies to the experience. Not being very aggressive, we just moseyed our way up when we were allowed to start and selected five (per instructions) to start with. Having been to a new book review recently, I recognized several titles/authors and was very excited with my first five books. I got bees, snails, and peacock tails by Franco and Jenkins, Steel Town by Jonah Winter, The Lost-and-Found Tooth by Louise Borden, I’m Bad! by Kate & Jim McMullan, and Be Gentle with the Dog, Dear! by Matthew Baek.  
My colleague was excited to see Splat the Cat as one of the books and snatched that right up. Also in her stack was a picture book that might win the award for strangest topic ever. The book looked promising. It had a very cute dog on the front and a title that didn’t give any clues as to the content. It starts out fine, but half-way through, you find the dog “looking in his sac for his familiars”! It’s a book about a dog getting fixed, from the dog’s point of view! Wow! How would you use the book in your classroom? You wouldn’t!

It was a great event and well worth the commute and time! Thanks SSCO for the opportunity!