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Greg Mortenson’s new picture book collaboration November 22, 2008

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listen-to-the-windGreg Mortenson of Three Cups of Tea, has a new picture book coming out based on his experiences in Pakistan. He is one of many authors that NCTE has had in their line up.

Listen to the Windis a beautiful picture book that is done in collage by Susan L. Roth. The book starts with the children of Korphe, Pakistan and is told from their point of view. They describe the stranger’s, who becomes know as Dr. Greg, arrival and time in the village. After being told by the village’s wisest man to “Listen to the Wind”, and realized that the village needed a school and that he needed to help them have one.

I love how the story is told from the point of view of the children and how the village all works together to help build the school. In the end of the book, his new project that he talked about at NCTE, Pennies for Peace, is mentioned.

I think that this book is a must-have for schools to include in their libraries and would fit in very well to a multicultural study or character education focus.  

Nicely done!


NCTE Rocks

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I love NCTE. I can’t believe I have never come to this before. Unfortunately my laptop hard drive died yesterday. Hope I can get it fixed when I get home Monday. I have met so many amazing people and amazing authors, I can not get over it! Another thing I can not get over is the amount of free materials I have been given my publishers. Books, books, books. You can’t have enough.  I have shipped home 4 boxes of books and materials from the business center and will still have 2 full suitcases when I leave.

The sessions have been amazing, the people I have met have all been so friendly. Even though I have never met any of them before, it is like talking to old friends.

I will post photos galore and books reviews in the coming days and weeks. I did try something new for 2 of the big sessions with Cover It Live blog posting of Lucy Calkins and Lester Laminack. Click on the link to read the whole post.