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November 24, 2008

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Doesn’t Tomie DePaola bear a striking resemblance to Santa? That, of course, is a high compliment! Can you tell I was THRILLED to get to meet the artistic and literary genius? 


My funny friends “Dana Bob” and “Spam” having fun with a Texas tiara and a Howdy Doody hat.


NCTE High!

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Well, I’m back from NCTE and still flying high! You will have to endure many future posts about my experience at the conference, from first timer tips for the future to all the authors that I adore and got to meet (I am an author junkie if you haven’t figured that out!). My friend Pam and my new friend Dana also had a fabulous time and we are making plans for next year’s NCTE in Philly already.  Laptop is still dead which is a major inconvenience and problem professionally. Hope to get that taken care of over Thanksgiving, but that might be too hopeful.  

This is us standing on the US map on Ohio!