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Stephanie Harvey and Smokey Daniels new collaboration November 25, 2008

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smokey-ncteStephanie Harvey and Harvey (Smokey) Daniels have a book coming out that just sounds fantastic! I SQUEEZED (only my ear was in the session, the rest of me was in the hall! There were people all over every inch of the room and hallway hoping to hear about the latest and greatest additions to literature circles) into the session they lead at NCTE and was very impressed by what I heard.


Comprehension and Collaboration:Inquiry Circles in Action is the title and it is coming out 4/1/2009.


3 Responses to “Stephanie Harvey and Smokey Daniels new collaboration”

  1. Terri Quesinberry Says:

    Do you know when it is coming out and who the publisher will be?

  2. Smokey Daniels Says:

    Terri, Comprension and Collaboration will be out 4/23 from Heinemann. You can preorder if you want right now and it will be shipped to you on pub day. Thanks for your interest!
    Smokey Daniels

    • Barb Michelutti Says:

      I can’t wait to read this book. I’m sure it will be great, considering it’s authors. I have been trying to find contact information for you. I would like to talk to you about a project that I’m heading up and get some advice, if you’re willing to mentor me a bit.
      If you get this message and could email me at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate it.
      I don’t know if you remember me, but I attended a number of summers at Walloon in addition to other workshops you presented at. I also brought a busload of administrators and teachers from Ingham County in Michigan to visit Best Practice High School about 8 years ago. I hope this helps jog a memory or two and I hope to hear from you.

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