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New Find: Literature Map December 30, 2008

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While doing some on-line research I came across this tool, which is new to me. It is called Literature Map and allows you to put in the name of an author and it shows you what other readers of that certain author are reading. The closer an author is in the map to your author, the closer they are related. Try it out and see what you think. It’s kind of fun.


2 Responses to “New Find: Literature Map”

  1. Mary Lee Says:

    Very fun. I might show it to kids (gotta check and make sure it’s “safe” and gets through school filters. It’s an “if you liked THAT, you might like THIS” kind of thing.

  2. […] you’re a regular reader at Best Books I Have Not Read, you’ve already seen this post about LiteratureMap. This is a really cool tool. If you have a particular author, you can map […]

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