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“Child of a Blogger” January 5, 2009

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I just arrived home from Book Club and received the update about bedtime from my husband. We both had to laugh about the following story that took place while I was gone.

My son (age 6) was trying to decide what to read at bedtime tonight. My daughter (age 9) overheard her brother and said the following,

“Mabye I can help. I’m the child of a blogger. It’s just who you want picking out your literature.”

So we are not quite sure what is most amusing, the fact that she referred to herself in third person or that she used the word “literature”. Either way it is classic and I take it as a huge compliment.

The same daughter did not want me to go to Book Club tonight and was pretty sure that I should let her come so she could hear grown-ups talk about books. She has also decided that she should be allowed to have her own blog to review books. She declared that if I am going to read 100 books for a challenge, that she certainly will as well.

Amusing, but also endearing. This same child is the one I’ve written about in the past. The struggle to get her hooked reading a book in the past has been a sore spot for me. Fortunately we seem to have moved past that hurdle.

It’s certainly the nicest thing I’ve heard so far this week.


Free Verse Poetry Genre: 42 Miles

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42 Miles 42 Miles by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
I love books done in free verse poetry. It’s a great new genre that’s emerged over the past 10 years. This book, by Ohio author Tracie Zimmer, takes place in Cincinnati, OH where the main character lives with her mother, as well as on a rural farm 42 miles away where her father lives. A quick and engaging read, intermediate aged girls will really enjoy the story and the “scrapbook style” illustrations.

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First “Grown-Up” book of the year: Mr. Pip

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Mister Pip Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones

My review

I really enjoyed this book. Now I need to go back and read Great Expectations-there is a lot I don’t remember from freshman year in high school

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