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Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce The Immortals Book 1 January 8, 2009

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wild-magicSecond review from my friend Amelia, age 12.

Wild Magic is about a girl, named Daine, who can communicate with animals.  The book follows her along her journey where she first meets and is employed by Onua Chamtong, keeper of the horses for the Queen’s Riders.  She also meets a master Mage, Numair, the Lioness, a lady knight, and the King and Queen of Tortall.  Daine discovers that she possesses wild magic and becomes apprenticed to Numair with whom she learns to control and direct the gifts she has had since birth.  Daine is also visited in her dreams by a badger who tells her that he knew her father, a person that she has never met, and that she is needed to help stop the immortals, who are bloodthirsty monsters.

Wild Magic, like Alanna: The First Adventure (the “Song of the Lioness” book 1), is well written. There is constant action, whether Daine is fighting huge spider-like things or is talking to a dragon.  It is a great book for animal lovers because animals are a huge part of the story.  This story also intertwines with the “Song of the Lioness” series because Daine meets the adults that are talked about as children in the “Song of the Lioness” series.  While is has lots of action that boys may enjoy, it is marketed more towards girls. It talks more about inner turmoils that a girl might have rather than a boy.