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Make a family memory this year with a literary valentine! January 10, 2009

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My daughter was ready to start planning and making her Valentines for school as soon as New Year’s was over. She loves a holiday!

Today I found a great idea at Kids Heart Authors website a site I found through Twitter.kidsheartauthorlogo

“Bookstores, authors, and illustrators are teaming up to make V-Day 2009 an unforgettable one for New England families.

Bundle up your brood and head to your community bookstore on Saturday, February 14th, where local authors and illustrators will gather from 10 to 12 a.m. to sign books for kids and teens.

Bookstores will provide bunches of books, and authors and illustrators will personalize them and answer any and all questions about writing and drawing.

Don’t miss this chance to shower your pint-sized (or teen-sized) valentine with literary love. Browse by state to find the perfect destination for you and your beloved child or teen this Valentine’s Day, and check the listings in the sidebar to find websites for confirmed authors, illustrators, and booksellers.”


Well this certainly sounds like an idea that needs to spread outside of New England! I want the chance to shower by brood with books and love on Valentine’s Day.  Spread the Word!


What’s Your Favorite Childhood Book?

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I have several, but one that I had my parents read to me until it was falling apart was The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter by Evelyn Scott, illustrated by Virginia Parsons.  I just recently begged my mother to see if she could find it and was THRILLED when she did!

61047g33cbl_sl500_aa240_I loved that each of the cubs had their own house in a tree and that

“All the trees looked different inside.

One had plump chairs with fringe.

One had a velvet couch.

One had furniture with painted flowers.

One had a modern couch.

This one had a braided rug.

And this one had a Chinese screen.  

This bear’s house had a kitchen fireplace.

This bear’s house had a marble mantle.

And this bear’s house had a red tile floor.

This bear’s house was like a castle.

And this one was small and cozy.

Each bear had a separate tree house, except Little Theodore, because he was so little. He stayed with his mommy and daddy.  

I was fascinated by the idea of youngsters having their own special house and would fantasize for hours what my house in a tree would be like. 

I was endlessly bothered by the fact that there was no sequel of Fourteen Bears Spring and Autumn.  This book was begging for a companion!

What was your favorite childhood book? Post yours and link here!