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This is Not a Press Release February 2, 2009

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Over at Mother Reader, you will see the “not a press release” that announces


The opening banner lets us know: 

                     “KidLitosphere Central strives to provide a passage to the wonderful variety of resources available from the society of                                         bloggers in children’s and young adult literature”.

It’s true-they do have a great wealth of resources for KidLit bloggers. What you used to have to “google” or come across through a link on someone’s site, is now there for everyone to benefit from. 

It’s also true that 

            “What started as individuals blogging independently about children’s and young adult books became a collective of like-                     minded people. While maintaining our own sites and unique perspectives, shared activities made us a thriving                                       community.”

Years of reading other people’s reviews gave me the confidence to realize that I too can write my opinion about books-children’s, young adult, and professional resources. Before, my audience was people in my building who knew that I loved books, and tried hard to remain current with new releases. Now, I still write with that same audience of teachers and parents in mind, but my voice has more distance.  I can comment, chat, and talk with those people whose reviews I have been reading to make my own book choices. We can share information as well as rejoice over a great new book we just found.  

I look forward to reading the blogs by the Central Ohio KidLit Bloggers that I have been fortunate to meet. I look forward to finding some new blogs to add to my reader from KidLitosphere Central. Thanks to Mother Reader, Elizabeth BurnsKelly HeroldJen Robinson, and Anne Levy for being wise enough to put all the resources in one place! Here’s to great new reading!