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28 Days Later February 3, 2009

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28 Days Later is the second annual campaign for Brown Bookshelf to celebrate Children’s Literature through Black History Month. Each day of the month a different “under-the-radar” children’s book author or illustrator . They also have a free poster. Now I wouldn’t say Sharon Draper is under the radar, but I did learn some new things about her and look forward to learning about some authors and illustrators that might be new to me! Check it out!



One Response to “28 Days Later”

  1. paulahy Says:

    Hi thanks for linking to the Brown Bookshelf. Just to clarify, the campaign celebrates both vanguard authors and under the radar authors. We highlight six veteran/vanguard authors annually. Sharon Draper is among them along with Julius Lester, Angela Johnson, Joyce Hansen, Andrea Davis Pinkney and Jacqueline Woodsen.

    We like to look at the two types of creators as shining gems and hidden jewels.

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