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Lucy Calkins newest book February 6, 2009

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Lucy Calkins newest book:cover-there are two chapters online at Heinemann

A Principal’s Guide to Leadership in the Teaching of Writing

Professional Development in the Teaching of Writing

Helping Teachers with Units of Study

Co-authored with Laurie Pessah 


from firsthand Heinemann 


“Schoolwide reform in writing involves all members of the school community. This resource is for the leader in that reform effort. Organized chronologically, like a calendar, A Principal’s Guide to Leadership in the Teaching of Writing will help you work strategically throughout the school year. After chronicling the motivations for undertaking such an initiative, Lucy and Laurie map out the behind-the-scenes ground work needed to set priorities, involve key stakeholders, and launch the initiative. From this sound foundation, ensuing chapters detail how to build the infrastructure needed to establish and sustain rigorous and responsive writing workshops, including how to organize professional development, supply classrooms, and observe and support instruction. In addition to describing the management systems that will make this initiative flourish, select chapters offer practical strategies for making and meeting expectations; engaging teachers, students, and parents; and building on success. This resource offers you more than advice. Designed around a community of practice comprised of scores of principals, this resource offers companionship as you lead the beautiful, difficult, exhilarating work of whole-school reform in the teaching of writing.”


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