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February Reading Blahs February 12, 2009

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My reading definitely goes in phases. Last month leading up to the Newbery announcement I read lots of middle grade fiction, this month I’m all about reading the professional literature about writing and writing workshop both in preparation for my job, but also in preparing to attend the Literacy Institute in March at Columbia Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project. I bought Graveyard Book the day it won the Newbery, got to page 80 (chapter 3) into it, lost steam, and got distracted by other parts of life. I’ll go back to it when my reading is not so blah. 

Next week will be a new Mystery Author, so I’m hoping that will get me “unblahed”!


2 Responses to “February Reading Blahs”

  1. Franki Says:

    I feel the same way. Feb. isn’t usually a big reading month for me….

  2. frank marsh Says:

    I felt the same way winding down my novel
    Rebekka’s Children. An outing in the mountains
    with some winter fly fishing finally dispelled my

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