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Coaching Institute February 22, 2009

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No, not coaching, as in a sport, but Literacy Coaching. I am so excited to be attending the Teacher College Reading and Writing Project’s Literacy Coaching Institute over my school’s spring break.  I am trying to get as much Calkins, Anderson, and other professional reading as I can before next month arrives.  So excited. Dublin’s Literacy Conference yesterday gave me a little taste of being surrounded by other educators who are also learning and now I can hardly wait!


Dublin Literacy Conference -Ruth Culham

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Ruth Culham, “The Trait Lady”, was the kick-off keynote yesterday.  Her presentation was interesting and was based on her article that had first come to my attention this fall, “The Trait Lady Speaks Up: Dispelling Myths About the Traits of Writing”. Here is a summary of the 5 myths:

Myth #1 The Traits are a Writing Curriculum

Myth #2 The Writing Process and the Traits are Two Different Things

Myth #3 You Adopt the Traits

Myth #4 You Teach the Traits

Myth #5 The Traits Are Not Part of Writing Workshop

You can read the whole article here.  

I had shared the article with the staff in one of the buildings with which I work. One of the building’s goals for the year was to have instruction in writing thirty minutes a day. Some people were conflicted by thinking that the 6 Traits materials that were embedded in the reading series were a writing curriculum. 

It can’t be more powerful than to hear from the author herself that the 6 Traits are NOT a writing curriculum. Nor are they in competition with a writing process. 

I highly recommend reading the article and reflect on what the author has to say. It’s easy to read and helped clear up confusion that I had about the 6 Traits intentions.