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Dublin Literacy Conference -Ruth Culham February 22, 2009

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Ruth Culham, “The Trait Lady”, was the kick-off keynote yesterday.  Her presentation was interesting and was based on her article that had first come to my attention this fall, “The Trait Lady Speaks Up: Dispelling Myths About the Traits of Writing”. Here is a summary of the 5 myths:

Myth #1 The Traits are a Writing Curriculum

Myth #2 The Writing Process and the Traits are Two Different Things

Myth #3 You Adopt the Traits

Myth #4 You Teach the Traits

Myth #5 The Traits Are Not Part of Writing Workshop

You can read the whole article here.  

I had shared the article with the staff in one of the buildings with which I work. One of the building’s goals for the year was to have instruction in writing thirty minutes a day. Some people were conflicted by thinking that the 6 Traits materials that were embedded in the reading series were a writing curriculum. 

It can’t be more powerful than to hear from the author herself that the 6 Traits are NOT a writing curriculum. Nor are they in competition with a writing process. 

I highly recommend reading the article and reflect on what the author has to say. It’s easy to read and helped clear up confusion that I had about the 6 Traits intentions.


2 Responses to “Dublin Literacy Conference -Ruth Culham”

  1. C Tenebrini Says:

    Thanks for posting this. It is a great article and really timely for our school. We have been using the 6-Traits model for years. When we started using the Units of Study to really ground our Writer’s Workshop, some teachers complained that “Now we were throwing out the traits and doing this…” I was so excited to see this article and will definitely be sharing it with the teachers I work with. BTW, I will be at the institute as well. I follow your blog and am so glad you got in! I went last year too- totally worth it.

  2. totebagteaching Says:

    Very interesting! I always thought of the units curriculum as being based on the writing traits. One myth I encounter again and again: that basing instruction on writing traits means not teaching conventions!

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