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A great book day! March 9, 2009

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I was beside myself to get an e-mail from my friend Dana today after she looked up in the middle of teaching her eighth grade class and spied an Advanced Review Copy of Hunger by Michael Grant from our trip to NCTE this past November. I know I did a little dance I was so thrilled! I wanted to drive right over after work and get it, but the timing did not work out.
My daughter has decided we need to have a Mother-Daughter Book Club and has spent many an hour this past weekend agonizing over invitations (crafts have to always be involved in her mind) as well as selecting the perfect first book. She decided on Scat by Carl Hiaasen scat and then has been been stewing ever since because we don’t have the book for her to start reading. My husband was going to check it out from the main Columbus library today for her, but I think we are 37 on the reserve list.
We agreed to take her to the local library on the way home this evening on the chance that the book might be in. Lo and behold-a text message from Dana!
“When do you want to get the book?”
“Do you have it at home or school?”
“We are in town, can I stop and pick it up?”
Well, after enduring many a bad knock-knock joke from my children, the book was handed over, and off we went on our merry way to look for Scat.
Alas, it was checked out, but we are only #2 on the reserve list here. This was still not happy news for my daughter as it smacked of “not fair” that mom had been so excited to get her book and she did not.
Oh well, learning delayed gratification is an important lesson to experience many a time (She of course disagrees).
Children are in bed, checking the blog that has been neglected as I’m trying to cram in lots of Calkins’ Units of Study reading before I leave for Teachers College Reading and Writing Project next week and…
More happiness!!!
A comment from the wonderful author Michael Grant. Yeah! Love his blog name, Stupid Blog Name and can hardly wait to run off to start reading this evening. Darn that Spring Back time change that has been yawning over the computer.