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Third Annual Literacy Coaching Institute-Lucy Calkins Keynote March 19, 2009

Today’s Institute kicked off in a beautiful chapel with Lucy Calkins describing the institute as the “emerging crown jewel of the Teachers College Institutes”. She went to relate a wonderful story about her 90 year old father who has just accepted a new job as a doctor and the TC Think Tank Thursdays. 

She assured us our heads would be “exploding” with good ideas of how to work with our colleagues; She was not exaggerating-mine already is!

Thursdays for the year are dedicated time when 75-80 of Lucy Calkins colleagues get together to do their best thinking. A dedicated day once a week for thirty years has been one of many reasons Teachers College has been so successful.  The need to make time for what we value in terms of our  personal literacy beliefs was emphasized. 

Everything from how to handle late arrivals to meetings to different parts of the 5 week cycles of Study Groups, Support Groups, Work Groups, and Courses she participates was discussed. I’ll have more to say about that topic when I’m not quite so tired.  

The last session of the day was facilitated by Audra Robb, whose study group I have been assigned to for the work within the NYC schools. We found out that we will be observing her teach a lesson in a lab site classroom, as well as teaching a lesson with a partner tomorrow morning! 

I will be presenting the Mini-Lesson Demonstration/Teaching and Active Engagement parts of a revision lesson from UOS to a class of sixth graders. My partner will start with the Connection part of the Mini-lesson and wrap up with the Link before we both confer with students about their work.  I need to bring in a chart of a piece of my writing that we can use during the lesson as a model. I’d better get to it!