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Hunger: A GONE novel by Michael Grant March 26, 2009

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gone-by-michael-grantWhile shuttling back and forth on the train to TCRWP Coaching Institute, I had the opportunity to finish reading the ARC of Hunger, book 2 in the GONE series by Michael Grant. I always have great anticipation for a second book in a series after loving the original book, but with that anticipation also comes the worry that maybe I won’t think the sequel is as great as the first one. 

Well I need not have worried about Hunger. It is a great sequel to Gone, picking up where the first book left off. Things are still pretty horrible in the FAZE (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) with tensions between Coates Academy students and townies n0t as tense as those between  “normal” and those who have “power”.

Now that the kids have figured out how to survive the big 15 birthday poof, new challenges to put off death come in the form of hunger, zekes, and each other. The first chapter pulled me in immediately (and made my stomach turn, but I am pretty wimpy) and made me want to read without stop, just as the first book did. 

You will want to read the first book Gone before Hunger is released so you are familiar with the well-developed characters of Sam, Lana, Diana, Caine, Computer Jack, Astrid, Edidlio, and Drake, as well as the meaning behind “Hungry in the dark”, “Nestor,” and “gaiphage”.  

The chapter titles of this book also count time in a countdown of  hours and minutes (example: 106 Hours 29 minutes).  Hmm…liked it in the TV show 24, like it here.  

The book is due to be released May 26, 2009 and Michael Grant has hit it out of the park again! Without doubt this book needs to added to your summer reading list.