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Group Dynamics-part of ongoing reflection March 30, 2009

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Several of the Staff Developers at Teachers College, (including Lucy Calkins herself) referenced on several occasion a NPR Podcast from This American Life titled “Ruining it for the Rest of Us”. The first segment was about whether a Bad Apple could ruin a group?
The Experiment included three different “bad apples” types. The:
Jerk (“Are you kidding me?” “Do you have research to prove that?”)
Slacker-does less than they can (lean back in chair, text messaging or e-mailing friends)
Depressive/Pessimist (head down, “That will never work,”)

TC brought the podcast up within the context of group dynamics. How to deal with that ‘bad apple’ ?
The research study wondered if one bad apple could spoil the whole bunch in terms of group productivity. The answer was “Yes,” but not only did the group performs 30-40% worse than the control groups but it was found that the “bad apple” also effected how the other people in group started acting and treating each other. The researcher found that other group members started showing the ‘bad apple’s’ behavior.

An interesting podcast and something worth thinking about-are you a bad apple? Or can you immediately think of a “bad apple” group experience you have had?