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Sometimes It’s Hard to Figure Out What is Good for Ourselves April 2, 2009

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This week I made my daughter do something that I knew she would not want to do if she was given the choice. Her lack of choice resulted in a great experience for her and she described it as “great fun”.  That thing was a book club with some other kids her age that my friend Robin put together.  It wasn’t that she doesn’t love books (FINALLY!!), it was based on being uncomfortable with the idea of not knowing the other kids. I, on the other hand, wanted her to participate for several reasons. 1-Robin is a children’s librarian who currently is not working in a library. She loves books as much as I do (we’d probably argue over who loved them more). 2-I want my daughter to learn that reading or books are a great way to meet new people or have conversations that you might get to experience otherwise. 3-I believed she would have a great time and that it would giver her a needed boost to her self-esteem to be in a book club with someone she considers “really smart”.  

One possible moral of the story-sometimes kids don’t know what is good for them (but then neither do I sometimes 🙂

The kids have selected Calder Games for next month by Blue Balliet. My daughter picked Carl Hiassen for “her” hosting month.


Dinothesaurus by Douglas Florian

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Check out the new beauty by Douglas Florian over at his blog.

I LOVE his books-they are so much fun to share with kids and read aloud. 

A new must-have that I hope to acquire this weekend.