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Teaching Second-Grade Writers by Lucy Calkins April 8, 2009


The entire title of this little gem is Reading Writing Project Workshop Help Desk: A Quick Guide to Teaching Second-Grade Writers with Units of Study by Lucy Calkins and is available from Heinemann. I picked it up when I was at TC in March and I can’t find it on the website yet, but if you are a second grade teacher, literacy coach, staff developer, or curriculum director I highly recommend picking it up as soon as you can. This 76 page pocket-sized professional development resource ($8.00) would be great to add to your Primary Units of Study set. Even if you aren’t using UOS, I still think this would be a valuable resource.  Something I love in the first chapter is the proposed overview of the year (also known as a shared curricular calendar). Each chapter then goes on to explore each month’s unit of study more closely. It has some great recommendations for modifying the UOS if your first grade and kindergarten teachers are also using UOS.

The second grade study group of writing workshop is going to start reading this as soon as we can get additional copies. All are game for trying their proposed calendar. With the research and thinking that is behind all TC Reading and Writing Project work, I don’t know how their calendar can do anything but help us work together to get even better.

I think it’s an exciting time to be a teacher of writing and reading. What a gift this little book is!


3 Responses to “Teaching Second-Grade Writers by Lucy Calkins”

  1. mary Says:

    This looks interesting. Do you think it would be of useful for teachers who teach advanced first graders?

    • bestbookihavenotread Says:

      I do-it gives some good ideas for extending. Plus it only cost $8 and can be read in an hour-you can’t go wrong.

  2. Diane Says:

    I agree this book is fantastic. (Heinemann ought to be giving this book to any second-grade teacher using the UoS.) I found it essential to helping me use and adapt the Units.

    I’ve heard a rumor a couple of times that a new Units of Study will be published just for grades 2 and 3. I sure hope so.

    I like your blog by the way. I’m a former fourth-grade teacher myself.


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