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Readers Use Strategies to Figure Out Words Growing Readers continued June 11, 2009

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October –

Kindergarten (I think it would work in several other grade levels as well!)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1  

Readers Get Ready to Read

p. 119-120
Book Walk  

Chart 119

p. 120-122  

Thinking Book Walk

Copies of 10 book covers

p. 122 Get a Sense of The Story (Sneak a peek) p. 122, 123  

Remind Them Seleves What the Book is About as They Read

p. 123  

Pay Attention to Chapter Titles, the Cover Blurb, & Sample a page or 2

Week 2  

Acquistions of Print Strategies

Readers Toolbox  

p. 124

p. 125  

Using Picture Clues


p. 126-7  

Say Beginning Sounds

p. 127  

What Makes Sense


Reread (look at page 132 think about meaning)

Week 3 VBC  

Find the Word Pattern

p. 128-129  

Use All Your Tools as a Reader (toolbox) folder

p. 130  

Think About What Makes Sense

p.130 Ask Themselves Questions pp. 130-132  

Smooth Talking Voice

Reading Fluency

Week 4 p. 132 Use Clues in Text p. 133 Use storyteller’s voice V & B  

System for selecting books for reading workshop

Choosing Just Right Books

p. 136-7  


Buffer Day  

Review as needed




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