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Readers Think and Talk to Grow Ideas June 12, 2009

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Week 1   

Retelling – 157-161

p. 160   

Readers i.d. the setting when they recall

p. 160 Readers follow the events of the story when they retell p. 160   

Readers know how to balance details when they retell

p. 160 Readers Use Time Words When they retell p. 160 Readers Retell with expression
Week 2   


p. 160   

Readers Use text evidence to clarify, confirm, or revise the retelling

p. 160   


Partners read together and retell

p. 160   


One partner retells, then both read together to confirm

p. 161   


Partners take turns retelling

p. 161   


Partners help each other retell.

Week 3   


Readers Have Thoughts as They Read

p. 168   

Readers react and talk back to the text

p. 170   

Readers notice when they get a feeling as they read

p. 170 Readers make predictions as they read p. 170 Readers try to picture what is going on in the story p. 170 Readers Pay attention to when they are confused   


Weeks  4 p. 170 Readers question things that happen or characters do p. 170 Answers to readers’ questions come from the book or readers themselves Envisioning   

p. 171-173

Readers predict by making pictures in their minds

p. 172 Readers also hear it, smell it, taste it, and fee it (as well as seeing it) p. 172   

Readers envision characters settings and actions in the story

Week 5 p. 172   

Readers envision “between the pictures” scenes.

Predicting 173-175   

Readers stay involved in the story by predicting

p. 175 Readers predict by making pictures in their minds p. 175 Readers use what they know about the text to make good predictions p. 175 Readers use what they know about the story and about life to make good predictions.

Growing Readers-Kathy Collins, Readers Think and Talk About Book to Grow Ideas

Use our comprehension strategy cards as visuals (Celebration Press-Pearson)