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The Best Kids’ Books Ever… finding a new blog July 5, 2009

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It’s only fitting that today as I am in New York City at a friend’s home and I open up the New York Times, ‘The Week in Review’ has a column titled “The Best Kids’ Books Ever“! 

If you go to the columnist’s blog, On The Ground, you can see what he lists as the best Kid’s Books Ever which include, The Hardy Boys (my son and husband agree), Harry Potter, and the less known Freddy the Pig series (loved him so much I have bought the re-releases of some of them-can’t get my own kids interested). 

If you go to his blog, you can see the 900+ comments by readers sharing their opinion about the Best Kid’s Book Ever. 

The best often blurs with “my favorite” for me, especially when I think back to books from my childhood. Books I read over and over again as a child included:
The Little House of the Prarie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Besty and Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace (illustrated by favorite childhood illustrator Lois Lenski-which leads me to Strawberry Girl and all books by Lois Lenski-I can even picture where in the library they were located during my childhood and how I kept searching in case there was a title I missed-not very likely as she died when I was five years old, but maybe the library would buy a new-to-me book!). 

The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis 

Baby Island by Carol Brink 

Shoeshine Girl by Clyde Bulla

The Bobbsey Twins by Laura Lee Hope 

The Trixie Beldon series by Julie Campbell (I personally did not care for Nancy Drew)

Cherry Ames Nursing Student series by Helen Wells

Madeline L’Engle books including The Wrinkle in Time and A Ring of Endless Light: The Austins Family Chronicles 

One of my all-time favorite childhood books has a title that alludes me to great frustration. I can tell you where it was in the library, the gist of the book, and how when I went to check it out for the 23rd time, I was devastated that the library had “weeded” it out of their collection. 
Maybe you know the title from your childhood. There was a family (I think of many boys) that took in an orphaned girl  during the Revolutionary or Civil War. One brother (I want to say his name was something like Lamont) loved her secretly, left for war and returned to find her engaged to his brother who had not been gone for the war.  I know that is not much of a gist, but still to this day I am bothered by not knowing the title of the book and my inability to read it one more time.  


What are your favorites? Please feel free to comment and leave titles-I’m hoping for a new Best Book I Have Not Read.


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  1. It is so funny you should mention Strawberry Girl, I was trying to think of it the other day for someone. I remember exactly where it and the companion titles were in my elementary school library, I just couldn’t remember the title. I remember laughing about the idea of shoo-fly pie! Thanks!

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