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TCRWP continued… July 7, 2009

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Two days and I have taken so many notes that my thumb is killing me from clutching my pen. 

A friend joked this morning about Lucy Calkins was going to take out a restraining order against me. HaHa. I arrived early to the first session, already having planned and scoped out where I was going to drink my latte and read my book the day before. Arrive happy to not have spilled latte on my white shirt, walk to comfy chair area, and notice that someone else is sitting there already-she looks up and who is it? 

I know you know.


But I’ll still tell you.



It was Lucy Calkins.


She was obviously going over her notes for the keynote address so I very casually pivoted past the comfy chair, left her to her privacy, and went and found a hard bench. 

I’m not stalking her-I just channel her energy and it pulls me magnetically to all things TC (just kidding!) . 


Homework tonight was to read The Art of Teaching Reading (ATR) Ch. 3, 5, & 6 as well as some handouts. I was glad to I only needed to read the handouts since I had read ATR in the past couple weeks.

Decided to reward/challenge myself to see if I could get myself from Columbia to Central Park and then to Times Square by public transportation (and not get lost!). Probably seems like nothing to many of you, but a BIG deal to me. Found the TKTS booth after a light rambling around and got a ticket to see 9 to 5 the musical. I LOVE musicals and it was a great one!


Day 1 Institute Homework

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Read the September Unit of the Curricular Calendar
Read about the components of Balanced Literacy (from binder)
Read about classroom libraries (from binder)
Read ATR (Art of Teaching Reading by Calkins) Chapters 4 & 7

Bring back the title of book you love
Fill out your personal reading log. Think about your personal reading goals.