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Day 1 Reading Institute TCRWP Keynote Highlights July 8, 2009

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Maurice Sykes

Maurice’s Inconvenient Truths:
1. The Joy of Childhood is becoming an endangered species.

2. An extreme strand of toxic waste called NCLB has pushed down curriculum and pushed out important work  

3. The achievement gap between middle class and impoverished children is real, significant, AND reversible. 

4. Regardless of zipcode, disability, race, gender, ethnicity, children need to be surrounded and supported by teachers. 


One of my favorite things he said was “All that I learned and all that I hope to be was learned in the company of children.”


Habits of Mind he talked about:

1. Persistence-don’t give up on your kids, yourself, or your beliefs

2. Manage impulsivity

3. Listen with empathy and understanding

4. Make an effort

5. Think flexibly

6. Think about your thinking (meta-cognition)

7. Strive for accuracy in communication-oral and written

8. Apply past knowledge

9. Be questioning and positive

10. Gather data with all senses

11. Try different ways


Don’t be afraid of risk. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


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