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David Booth-Thursday’s TCRWP Keynote July 9, 2009

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David Booth was a wonderful keynote speaker this morning to kick-off Thursday of the Reading Institute. His talk, “I am the book! When children find themselves inside the texts they are reading” was a great mixture of humor and seriousness. He emphasizes how children’s books (and literacy) has changed to include the things from children’s own lives (not in Dick and Jane books with the father in his hat at the breakfast table). He urged embracing all forms of literacy, including technological ones such as Kindle and Twitter.  Teaching reading is no longer the old image many people have of reading a book under a tree (see his reference to New York

newyorker coverer magazine cover ) but more like the Time Magazine Cover of Twitter (See below).

I found it interesting that Booth said we’ve never sold as many books as we did this year, but that the speed information is multiplying was some mind-boggling larger number. 

That it shouldn’t matter to us what shape the text takes, but that talking to children about what the book (in whatever form), reading, future plan on reading is still darn magical.  Teachers can change a kid’s life-that’s what’s dangerous (and magical). Don’t show a kid what your face would like if you’d sucked on a lemon for 100 years if they ask you for wrestling magazines or pokemon, view it as a way into a conversation with that child about their reading and the opportunity to learn and teach. 

David Booth got a standing ovation. A fantastic speaker if you ever get the chance to hear him.


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