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1 Year Anniversary and I’m trying to hold the wheels on the bus… August 7, 2009

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It’s my Blogoversary! bday cake

For you non-bloggers, that is my one year blogging anniversary!

This is my 340th post and have gone from having an average of 800 readers a month to 6800 readers per month. That seems like a lot to me!

As my tag line says, “writing, reading, teaching life, attempting to balance it all” and it certainly feels like one of those days where the balancing is really hard.

Started off the work week waking to what I thought was one of dogs was dying (got on roller coaster-Thank God she wasn’t dead);

ending the work week by:

taking my kids to a babysitter (sore subject with the husband-“Why are we paying for a sitter when you aren’t being paid to work yet?” (I know all you teachers understand that conflict-Does anyone REALLY think we get our rooms ready in the half day they give us work in our rooms. Get real.),

teaching the last day of a workshop for teachers (I think it went really well-our focus within the writing workshop was on conferring and I was able to really use the TC Literacy Coach Institute to help us prepare for the year),

meeting at bank to sign over the documents over for someone else to be PTO treasurer  (yahoo!)

picking up kids from sitter (“Stop talking Mom and hurry up! We need to go pick up my birthday balloons!” It is my daughter’s birthday!)

trying to clean mini-van (I never understood what my friend meant when she used to say that an animal would have no problem surviving for a week in her car on the crumbs until a couple years ago) to be able to transport six girls out to dinner for my daughter’s 10th birthday-headed to her favorite sushi restaurant (My mother’s question of, “Is your arm bleeding or is that just dirt?” is telling. For the record, it was neither-it was melted chocolate from who-knows-what.)

Sandwich in a few jealous fits by younger brother about the impeding birthday party and some searches for a gift for the birthday girl and whew.

Wondering if I can have a glass of wine before the party or do I need to wait until afterwards?

The year of blogging has been a real learning experience for me. I can’t believe I’ve managed to write so many posts, read so much, and still held it all together as much as I have. And even though my daughter informed me yesterday in a pre-birthday melt-down that she hates my job and hates that I am going to NYC again, I still love my job and can’t imagine life without working a school with kids, teachers, and all the wackiness that makes up a school-year.  So whether today is your first day of school, or you still don’t start for a month, I hope you are all looking forward to the possibilities this new year holds for us.

Thanks for reading Bestbookihavenotread!