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Arrived in New York City August 9, 2009

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Finished The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott on the way here. (LOVED IT!)

Airline lost bag-I thought that was pretty hard to do on a direct flight-their computer shows the bag getting on, but not getting off

Found the Columbia Teachers College Dorm Room-thankful nice person left their partial roll of toilet paper since mine is in my suitcase. Room was set to a nippy 56 degrees-what was that about?

It is of course sprinkling-where is my umbrella? In the suitcase.

Found a Starbucks-paying for their wireless as Ethernet cord for laptop to access Columbia’s internet is where? in the suitcase

Novelty factor of being on own in city-not so high this time without the necessities.

TCRWP Writing Institute starts at 8 a.m.-I’ll be the one in the same outfit as right now–

Heading back to finish Mary Pearson’s The Miles Between ARC for mailing on tomorrow 🙂


Mary Pearson’s ARC blog tour

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Mary Peason’s newest The Miles Between is taking a blog tour this summer. I’m happy to be reading it on the plane today before sending it on. Here are the rules if you would love to read the newest book by Mary. I’m sure you have loved her The Adoration of Jenna Fox and A Room on Lorelei Street like I have and would LOVE to not have to wait until September to read her newest gem.

1. Read and Pass On-Each person gets a maximum of two weeks before sending it on to the person of their choice in a different town-

2. Take a picture-Take a picture of The Miles Betweenn ARC somewhere in your hometown. Then post the picture on your blog and send Mary a link.

3. The Drawing-Once you have posed a picture on your blog you will be entered in a drawing to be one of 10 people to receive a free personalized and signed copy of the final hardcover of The Miles Between.

4. Whoever has the ARC on August 20th is the last person to get it-The last person sends it to Mary’s Editor (in a postage-paid envelope that comes with the ARC) in NYC so it arrives in time for the official publication date on September 1st. Pictures will be taken of the ARCs at the famous Flatiron Building in NYC. Names will be drawn and winners announced.

How fun is that? All you have to do is post a comment and I’ll pick someone to send it on to Monday afternoon.

(fyi-the cover of the ARC is different than the published one)

the miles between