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The Miles Between Book Blog Tour August 10, 2009

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The Miles Between is Mary E. Pearson’s newest accomplishment and it is a sweet one!  Refer back to my interview with the author when I first learned of this forthcoming book. It is not to be missed.

I think there will be time for at least one more reader before the Road Trip leads the ARC back to Mary’s editor (see rules).

I agree with blog author Lenore, that this is a hard book to say too much about without giving too much away, but I think Diane Chen at ‘Practically Paradise’ over at SLJ does a great job with her review, so I’m going to refer you there instead of trying to write my own review while I am supposed to be writing other things for the TCRWP Writing Institute. I will share one of my favorite lines though-“there are still moments that pin you to this world when you’d rather float away”. Mary Pearson is a brilliant author.

IMG_2452Denison University’s Swasey Observatory-built 1909.


One Response to “The Miles Between Book Blog Tour”

  1. Oh, looks like fun! You were so clever to do a big picture to show scale, then close up with the book.

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