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Lucy Calkins-Teaching the Inner Writer: Putting Our Lives on the Line-Opening Keynote TCRWP August 12, 2009

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Have I mentioned that I adore Lucy Calkins? Even my husband knows of my adoration, something that would be easy for him to miss in all the “teacher/school” talk I do that is without context for him. On the phone yesterday, he even joked that I can have some additional spending money while I am in NYC in case I need to get a lawyer to represent me just in case Lucy gets word of my adoration and presses stalking charges. Ha!

I do believe that one of the greatest gifts a person can have is the ability to be a wonderful public speaker with presence and grace.

Lucy Calkins has that, as do many of her staff developers.

In July I learned that Donald Graves, THE Donald Graves, was of all things, her youth minister. Donald Murray was her mentor. How could anyone else come to the knowledge about the teaching of writing that her life has led her to? I don’t think the cosmos could have conceived it possible.

Lucy Calkins shared that she always starts each institute the same way. “You come from Michigan and Montana…” which is the same way Donald Graves started the sermon at her wedding. I personally find that very moving.

She makes me want to be not just a better teacher, but a better person-more reflective and better connected to the universe– not just moving through it.


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