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Shouldn’t we be outside hiking? November 8, 2009

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Beautiful Sunny, Sunday afternoon in Ohio

husband-“What are you doing?” (asked hopefully?)

wife-“Trying to wrestle rTI law into submission for the school district” (sipping coffee and still wearing PJs)

husband-“Wrestling who?!”

wife-“Wrestling rTI into submission for school”

husband-“I have no idea what that means, but it’s better than what I thought you said you are doing. I guess I’ll go outside and rake leaves. Is it going to take a long time?”

wife-“Reading of multiple research article, government sites, and books to produce summary documents. Probably a trip to Columbus to pick up another book I don’t have.”

husband-sighs-“See you later”


What he doesn’t remember is if I wasn’t wrestling this beast, I would be wrestling parent teacher conference forms or some other equally weighty beast. No matter how beautiful it is, this weekend in our area will have most teachers inside fretfully compiling data into reports, be they individual student progress reports or RtI summaries.

While I would never trade working in education for anything in the world, anyone who thinks it’s an easy job, is seriously underestimating the job!


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  1. *nods head in agreement*

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