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Would I be interested in helping arrange Young Adult books? November 10, 2009

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Need you ask twice? Not only would I love to put my hands on new YA books, I’ll even have it done in time for the Walking Tour! A local bookstore and I are going to put our heads together-much fun!

This is perfect timing as I get ready to head to NCTE-ALAN two weekends from now. I’m trying to decide which author I am most excited about seeing-I think it’s Lois Lowry-I love her new Crow Calls book. I was geekily excited to start looking through the 380 page program that arrived yesterday afternoon.

Here’s the write-up:

From its opening keynote session, with author Gregory Macguire (WICKED) to its mid-session keynote with teacher/author LouAnne Johnson (DANGEROUS MINDS) and its closing session with California teacher/YA novelist Alan Sitomer, this two-day workshop will provide participants with whole-group opportunities to hear and interact with leading authors whose books are having an impact on the lives of today’s adolescents. Participants will also be able to choose from among a large selection of small group breakout sessions in which ideas for using  YA books in school, library, and other settings will be explored.  Publishers donate generously so that each participate leaves with the beginnings of, or additions to, a wonderful YA collection of his or her own.