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NCTE 2009 Philly November 20, 2009

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Franki over at A Year of Reading is so right about ncte being such an amazing professional development experience. I just heard her partner-in-crime Mary lee, Karen from literate lives, and Katie from Creative Literacy talk about how they’ve grown professionally by “going public” with their blogs, videos , and book (not all one venture). Central Ohio bloggers are the best! I will type up notes later, but their talk was inspiring and thought provoking. Now I’m sipping coffee at the table next to babymouse’s Jennifer and matthew holm and getting ready to challenge myself to see how many books one person can shelp at one time. Get as many books as possible, stand in line to mail home, repeat as many times as your patience and back can take. Like Filene basements wedding dress mania, the opening Of the expo is sheer madness.


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  1. rlgibson Says:

    I was just thinking about Babymouse. What’s the equivalent for boys? I need recommendations (age appropriate graphic novels) for B (see my post “Too Much of A Good Thing?” on — Help! and have fun!!!

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