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Weeding in Winter? January 2, 2010

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Franki over at a Year of Reading posted about book weeding (the process of removing books from a collection) and it is pain I relate to! As we prepare to move to a new home, the realization that I probably won’t be going back to a classroom anytime soon, and the sheer number of new books I’ve accumulated since mid November of 2009, has had me weeding as well! I have found it can be a very painful process. Like Franki, I also had my classroom library at home in the basement. Last year I donated half of it to a new teacher in our district. As our home has been on the market this fall (and in preparation for a move), I have taken a box or two a week from my basement to the different buildings (elementary, intermediate, and middle) for teachers to take to add to their own classroom libraries. Even though I have come to a good place in my head about getting those books back into kids’ hands (and not just gathering dust in my basement), some days when I walk by the pile in the teacher workroom and see a personal favorite languishing and not having been already snapped up, my heart does sink a little. Don’t they realize what a gem they just passed up?

To counteract that feeling, I’ve also taken to selecting books from the boxes to deliver to teachers who I know have certain interests in let’s say historical fiction or fantasy, etc. To see their face light up (and their students) when I walk in with a armload of books does my heart good. My daughter has dubbed me the book fairy, which I have to say I like better than when the school secretary nicknamed me the book slut last year!

I come to book hoarding naturally. My father has floor to ceiling bookshelves in his office that have books sitting two deep. While being surrounded by books is something I associate with good feelings, I realized that there is no way that I will probably reread even 1% of the books I own. Books are to be loved and shared. The best way to do that, is to pass the book on, not keep it on a shelf.


4 Responses to “Weeding in Winter?”

  1. Franki Says:

    “I come to book hoarding naturally.” Okay, that may be my favorite blog line of the year!

  2. Lara Ivey Says:

    I too am a book hoarder! I love how you said that “books are to be loved and shared.” I need to remember that when going through mine. Having left the classroom about 4 years ago, I have hundreds, maybe closer to the thousand mark when it comes to books–some of which are multiple copies for small groups. I probably need to do some weeding myself. 🙂

  3. Ms Yingling Says:

    Be strong. I try to pass books on quickly, since I know to my peril that paperback books especially are not that appealing for very long. You are right about books being better off in the hands of students.

  4. Zoe Says:

    How generous of you to pass on your books, especially pairing them up with those with particular interests. There are also loads of charities and voluntary organizations that accept used books – I’ve a list of quite a few here:

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