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First Kindle thoughts January 5, 2010

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My parents gave my husband and I a Kindle as a joint birthday present on Thanksgiving. I hadn’t really come to a conclusion ahead of time about whether I thought the Kindle was a great idea or kind of unnecessary for a book addict like myself. I had seen a couple friends use theirs, but the jury was still out. Earlier this fall I decided to read a book on my iPhone to see what it was like and I actually liked it. It took me forever to get through the book, but I loved that I always had something with me to read anytime I had an extra five minutes here or there. I started a second one, but there are some style/typos that are annoying so I haven’t made as much progress.

I have only read a little on the Kindle so far, but one thing that has me absolutely sold on it is the motivation it has created in my children to read even more. My daughter (ten) was quite bent out of shape that the library was closed early on New Year’s Eve and she couldn’t get the next book in Lauren Myracle’s series. I had gotten her Eleven, Twelve, and the ARC of Thirteen Plus One at NCTE and she has raced through them this holiday break. Problem solved last night-downloaded onto the Kindle and now she sits wrapped up in her Snuggie, Kindle in hand, reading away.

My son (seven) has enjoyed reading one of the new Flat Stanley Adventure books (complete with the illustrations) and thinks he is hot stuff while sitting waiting at one of my many school meetings, reading on the Kindle. They both put one on their Santa list, but Santa had other thoughts.

I’ve added Time Magazine as a subscription. It’s reasonably priced and I enjoy having the magazine with me wherever I go so I can actually attempt to stay up-to-date with what is going on in the world. I also like that you can find books for free everything now and then. One of the new YA books I got at ALAN was free this week, so why not just add it to my Kindle and pass the book onto one of the teachers for their classroom library?


4 Responses to “First Kindle thoughts”

  1. debrennersmith Says:

    Which YA book was free? I have a Kindle and I add any and all books I can to my kindle account. I have 5 of us sharing one account (legal). We have over 500 books on it.

  2. katie Says:

    I received a kindle for Christmas and your post will help me get started. I haven’t even had time to play with it yet. My son has been on my back about buying a book. This should motivate me tomorrow!! See you at the breakfast next week!

  3. Jim Randolph Says:

    Sounds like it’s working out great for you AND you’re family–cool.

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