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Writing Workshop Power April 30, 2010

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I am so fortunate to be able to witness the power of writing workshop in many buildings, grades, and classrooms over the course of  the last two  years. While I continue to be amazed and impressed by all that I see, nothing has given my heart quite the zing as having my son’s teacher describe his writing as a “Writing Workshop Teacher’s Dream”.

Wow! Those weren’t words that I had ever thought I’d hear about my son. Not that I don’t have high expectations for him, but reluctant writer was how I would have described him last year in first grade. And the beginning of second.

At the beginning of this school year, he was the classic “tough nut” when it came to coming up with ideas for writing Small Moments stories. His teacher ended up giving a topic list to us as homework, as he had given one too many ‘shrugs’ when she tried to help him. She even had ideas to ask him about-She knew his sister, his dogs, grandparents.

Somehow, through persistance, patience, good teaching and mini-lessons galore, my son has emerged as a writer. He writes for fun.

He wrote a non-fiction book, has moved on to haiku and other poems and is internalizing the belief that he is a writer and that he can write with an author’s voice.

Writing Workshop is hard work for the teacher, as well as the students, but it is so worth it!