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Little Blog on the Prairie May 23, 2010

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Little Blog on the Prairie

by Cathleen Bell, 2010

288 pages

Middle Grade Fiction

Little Blog on the Prairie is as funny of a read as the title implies. Being a Little House fan myself, I had to have this book when I saw it in Cover to Cover’s book store this week. There have been many a-time when I’m doing something “hard” or that I don’t want to do, when I remind myself of how hard Ma and Pa had it “back in the day”! How about a whole book based on that idea?

It’s summer vacation for Gen’s family, which, unfortunately for her, means the 1890’s, frontier living at Camp Frontier. Not the normal hanging out with friends, swimming pool, soccer camp that she has come to expect.

Having to share a bed with her ten-year old brother, Gavin, in the same room as her parents, in a “house” that her neighbor-at-home’s shed puts to shame, eating beans for countless meals, doing laundry and dishes in water that is heated on the stove, after the water is hauled in! None of these things were on Gen’s list of to-do’s for the summer.

After her normal teenager fit throwing, Gen’s parents had offered a cell phone at the end of the summer for cooperating with the idea of family Frontier Camp. Desperately wanting to have a phone, Gen agrees. And then sneaks the phone into camp inside her Clearasil products (the one item another episode of fit throwing had gained her). Through text messages she sends to her friends, Gen tries to make the best of the situation. Little does she know that her friend has turned her texts into a blog for her tech class that has hundred’s of comments rolling in!

In a great turn, the modern world and television show up at Frontier Camp, based on people’s interest in the blog. I’d say it’s a great read-aloud, despite a little kissing in the last chapter. Guaranteed to be a hit with readers, whether they are Little House on the Prairie fans or readers who enjoy making fun of the series.


One Response to “Little Blog on the Prairie”

  1. Ms. Yingling Says:

    This does look like fun. And I think I had that outfit in 1976!

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