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BEA book give-away June 9, 2010

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Check out YA Highway.

They are having a book give away with four FABULOUS prizes! Signed copy of Forge! The Magnificent 12: The Call! Duff! Matched! go sign up


How Can I Move Up a Reading Level?

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I was just looking through some of my old photos from one of my school visits to Teachers College and New York City public schools when I came across this interesting factoid in the form of a chart:reading

Level Time to Complete One Book Time to Move Up a Level *
G, H, I 15-20 minutes 10 days
J, K, L 20-40 minutes 10 days
M, N 60 minutes 15 days
O, P, Q 2 hours 21 days
R, S, T 4 hours 45 days
* BUT, you must read an hour a day!

So, what’s the take-away messages?

You can improve your reading ability just by reading books.

You must read a lot for it have an impact.

The higher the books become/the more advanced a reader you become, the longer it takes to complete a book, as well as move up to a higher text difficulty band.